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Sambhujeet Baskota

Sambhujeet Baskota

Legendary Music Composer & Singer: Sambhujeet Baskota

*Celebrating a Maestro of Melodies*

Biography: Meet Sambhujeet Baskota

Let’s take a delightful dive into the world of Sambhujeet Baskota, a maestro in Nepali music known for his magical compositions. Born on March 15, 1957, in Maharajgunj Panipokhari, Kathmandu, Nepal, Sambhujeet has carved his name as a musical legend in the Nepali Film Industry.

Musical Legacy:

Imagine over 3,000 songs in more than 250 films— that’s the enchanting legacy of Sambhujeet Baskota. His tunes have become timeless classics, gracing hit films like Prem Pinda, Karodpati, and Thuldai.

Philanthropy Beyond Music:

Beyond the melodies, Sambhujeet actively supports an anti-drug program, showing his heart for children. Notably, he was part of a Guinness World Record-setting environmental song titled Melancholy.

Early Life and Education:

Growing up in a joint family in Maharajgunj Panipokhari, Sambhujeet completed his schooling at Shree Shanti Vidyagriha Secondary School Lainchour, Kathmandu. His musical journey was influenced by his early exposure to a musical atmosphere at home.

Career Journey:

Sambhujeet’s journey in the music industry is a tale of passion and creativity. In an era without recording studios in Nepal, he faced challenges that fueled his determination. Did you know he introduced music videos and singing reality shows in Nepal?

Nepal Idol Season 4:

Ever seen him in action on Nepal Idol Season 4? Sambhujeet Baskota, alongside Sugam Pokharel and Subani Moktan, mentored aspiring talents, leaving an indelible mark on the Nepali music landscape.

Accolades and Recognition:

Sambhujeet Baskota’s musical journey is adorned with accolades and recognition, celebrating a lifetime dedicated to the art of melody. Here’s a glimpse into the honors bestowed upon this maestro:

1. Kamana Film Award 2075 – Lifetime Achievement Award:

   – In 2075, Sambhujeet Baskota received the prestigious Kamana Film Award, recognizing his exceptional contributions with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

2. Dcine Award 2074 – Lifetime Legendary Award:

   – The year 2074 witnessed the conferral of the Dcine Award’s Lifetime Legendary Award upon Sambhujeet, a testament to his enduring impact on the Nepali music scene.

3. Nepal Motion Picture Award (Nempa) 2055 – Best Music Director:

   – Sambhujeet Baskota’s prowess as a music director was honored with the Best Music Director award at the Nepal Motion Picture Award in 2055.

These accolades not only reflect Sambhujeet’s mastery in the world of music but also acknowledge his enduring influence on Nepali cinema. Each award stands as a testament to the indelible mark he has left on the hearts of music enthusiasts and the industry alike.

Selected Discography:

Embark on a musical journey with some of Sambhujeet Baskota’s timeless creations that have left an indelible mark on the hearts of music enthusiasts. These classics resonate with emotions and stories that traverse the tapestry of life.

1. Ko Ho Tyo Jasle Malai

   – A soul-stirring melody that captures the essence of love and longing.

2. Lai Deu Maya Lai Deu

   – A timeless composition that weaves the emotions of romance and passion.

3. Lau Lau Aayo Lilli Lai Dekhera Lai Lai

   – An upbeat tune that brings joy and celebration to every listener.

4. Fewatalko Aanganma

   – Immerse yourself in the beauty of this melodious piece that echoes through the ages.

5. Hereko Timilai

   – A heartfelt composition that beautifully expresses the nuances of emotions.

6. Jindagile Yasari

   – Let the lyrics and music of this song paint a vivid picture of life’s journey.

7. Jhutho Haina Yo Kura Sancho Cha

   – Reflect on the honesty embedded in the lyrics of this musical gem.

8. Visit Visa Ma

   – Travel through the notes of this composition that resonates with wanderlust and exploration.

9. Tala Tala Tala Tala Besima Maichyang

   – Dance to the rhythm of this lively and energetic tune.

10. Purnimako Rat

    – Let the soothing melody of this piece create a serene ambiance.

11. Risauda Ni Aafnai

    – Explore the emotional depth of this heartfelt creation.

12. Timro Har Prashnako

    – Delve into the introspective nature of this soulful composition.

13. Yestai Rahecha Yahako Chalan

    – Experience the rhythmic journey depicted in this musical masterpiece.

14. Aankhaima Kasaiko

    – Let the emotions in the lyrics speak to your heart.

15. Chadanima Bagchha

    – Imbibe the cultural richness embedded in the notes of this composition.

16. Dherai Din Bho

    – Revel in the nostalgia brought forth by this melody.

17. Hiun Bhanda Chiso

    – Explore the contrasts of life through the expressive notes of this piece.

18. Achha Lekin Londonko

    – Engage with the playful and lively rhythm of this composition.

19. Luki Chhipi Luki

    – Experience the charm of this enchanting melody.

20. Shuvakamana

    – Let the well-wishes embedded in this tune resonate with you.

21. Suna Suna Mayalu Jodi Ho

    – Explore the romantic allure of this musical creation.

22. Chhata Rumal Kya Malum

    – Dance to the lively beats and infectious energy of this composition.

23. Suna Suna Sanam

    – Immerse yourself in the soothing and romantic vibes of this song.

24. Aachha Lekin Londonko Chisole

    – Revel in the delightful and catchy tunes of this piece.

25. Gaire Khetko Sirai Hanyo

    – Dive into the cultural richness encapsulated in this musical gem.

26. Rato Tika Nidharma

    – Feel the intensity and passion conveyed through this composition.

27. Marsyandi Urleko

    – Let the rhythmic flow of this song take you on a journey.

28. Hajurbale Bhane Thye

    – Reflect on the wisdom embedded in the lyrics of this piece.

29. Tala Tala Besima Maichyang

    – Dance to the lively and upbeat rhythm of this composition.

30. Tiharai Aayo Lau Jhilimili

    – Embrace the festive spirit conveyed through the vibrant notes of this tune.

31. Banma Phulyo Ful Maya

    – Connect with the natural beauty depicted in this melodious creation.

32. Hajurbale Bhanethe

    – Reflect on the profound messages embedded in the lyrics of this composition.

33. Master Saheb Sikaideu Pirati

    – Explore the storytelling aspect of this musical piece.

34. Samjhana Birsana

    – Delve into the emotions and nostalgia conveyed through this soulful composition.

35. Are Baba Jun Jastai

    – Engage with the lively and spirited energy of this musical gem.

36. Malai Pani Angrejima

    – Revel in the playful and humorous vibes of this composition.

Fascinating Facts:

Discover intriguing facets of Sambhujeet Baskota’s life, from composing the music for Thuldai in just 4 hours to his adventure into acting and film direction.

Legacy Continues:

Beyond awards, Sambhujeet’s legacy echoes through his children, with son Sauryajeet following in his footsteps as a musical director.

Furli Smriti Saptarangi Samman:

In a moment of celebration, Sambhujeet Baskota is honored with the Furli Smriti Saptarangi Samman. This prestigious award acknowledges his unmatched contributions to the world of music and beyond.