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About Us

About Us

Furlima Foundation, established in 2003, is driven by a commitment to enhance lives through education and community development in Nepal. Furli Sherpa, the late mother of our founder Mingma Sherpa, serves as the profound inspiration behind our foundation. Her unwavering values of compassion and commitment to social justice remain the guiding light for our endeavors. We focus on addressing critical issues like education inequality, poverty, healthcare, and community empowerment, working collaboratively with local communities to bring about lasting change.

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Meet Our Dynamic Team at Furlima Foundation

Our team at Furlima Foundation is like a big family, all connected through our founder Mingma Sherpa and her late mother Furli Sherpa. This connection is special and inspires us to work together for positive change in Nepal.

What makes our team strong is that each person brings something different to the table. Some are passionate about education, others are experts in engaging with communities. Together, we cover a lot of ground, making sure we can tackle the different challenges we face.

Before Furlima Foundation started, each team member was already doing good things for the community. Our shared commitment to helping others laid the foundation for our organization. We’re proud of our team and the work we do. Learn more about each team member [here](#).

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Are you ready to be part of a meaningful journey? Join us at Furlima Foundation and explore opportunities for volunteering, internships, and job vacancies. We welcome individuals who share our passion for creating positive change.

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