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Rojin Shakya

Rojin Shakya

International Choreographer: Rojin Shakya

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Rojin Shakya for being honored with the prestigious Furli Smirti Saptarangi Samman award by Furlima Foundation. This recognition is a testament to Rojin’s outstanding contributions to the world of dance, fashion choreography, and mentorship.

A Dance Maestro’s Journey:

Rojin Shakya, with an illustrious 24-year career, has left an indelible mark on the stage. As a freelance fashion choreographer, Rojin’s talent has shone in nearly 1,400 events, including 300 fashion shows and international pageants. His captivating choreography has graced renowned platforms such as Heritage Pageants, Miss Mermaid Singapore, and Model Superstar Mumbai.

Versatility in Television:

Beyond the runway, Rojin has enriched the television landscape for two decades. Having contributed to Channel Nepal, NTV 2, and currently serving as a news reader and coordinator for Nepal Bhasa at Image Channel Television, his presence in the media has been impactful.

Editorial Prowess:

Rojin’s influence extends to the editorial world as the associate editor for glamournepal.com and the chief editor for yesnepali.com. His editorial roles showcase a commitment to keeping audiences informed and entertained.

Educator and Mentor:

In academia, Rojin imparts his knowledge as a faculty member at Namuna College of Fashion Technology, Kathmandu Academy of Tourism and Hospitality, and the International Institute of Fashion Technology (IIFT). His teachings encompass Personality Enhancement, Fashion Journalism, Consumer Behavior Analysis, Customer Relationship Management, PR Management, and Event Management.

Grooming Leaders of Tomorrow:

As a personality grooming instructor for Flytech International Airhostess Training Academy and Nepal Airhostess Training Academy, Rojin plays a vital role in shaping future leaders.

Join us in celebrating Rojin Shakya’s remarkable achievements and in recognizing his valuable contributions to the world of dance and mentorship. The Furli Smirti Saptarangi Samman is a tribute to his excellence, and we are proud to honor him for his impactful legacy.