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Muskan Khatun

Muskan Khatun

Furli Saptarangi Samman 2023 Awardee: Muskan Khatun – Social Activist


In the tapestry of courage and resilience, Muskan Khatun stands as an emblem of unwavering determination, earning the prestigious Furli Saptarangi Samman 2023 in the category of Social Activist.

A Survivor’s Tale:

Born on May 11, 2004, Muskan Khatun’s life took a transformative turn at the age of 15 when she became a survivor of a heinous acid attack. Refusing romantic advances, she faced the brutality of an acid assault, a traumatic incident that fueled her commitment to justice and activism.

From Pain to Purpose:

Muskan’s response to adversity was nothing short of remarkable. Despite enduring a painful recovery, she emerged as a powerful advocate for change. Transforming her personal pain into a powerful force for societal transformation, Muskan dedicated herself to the cause of human rights.

Campaigning for Change:

In the aftermath of her harrowing experience, Muskan embarked on a journey of advocacy. Her resolute efforts included campaigning for legislation that would bring about stringent measures against perpetrators of acid attacks. Her instrumental role played a pivotal part in the enactment of new laws aimed at curbing such heinous crimes.

Meeting the Pinnacle:

Muskan Khatun’s unwavering commitment reached the highest echelons of power. She met Nepal’s Prime Minister K.P. Oli, urging for the strengthening of laws related to acid attacks and imposing restrictions on the sale of chemicals. Her resilience echoed in the corridors of power, shaping legislative changes for the better.

International Recognition:

In 2021, Muskan Khatun’s extraordinary courage earned her the International Women of Courage Award. Nominated by the US ambassador David M. Satterfield, the accolade was conferred by the First Lady Dr. Jill Biden and the US Secretary of State Tony Blinken on International Women’s Day.


As Muskan Khatun receives the Furli Saptarangi Samman 2023 for her role as a Social Activist, we salute her indomitable spirit, turning adversity into advocacy. Her journey is an inspiration, igniting hope and change for a more just and compassionate society.