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Mahesh Kafle

Mahesh Kafle

Furli Saptarangi Samman 2023 Awardee: Mahesh Kafle – Singer


In the harmonious realm of melodies, Mahesh Kafle stands adorned with the Furli Saptarangi Samman 2023, an accolade that celebrates his contributions to the Nepali music industry as a gifted singer.

The Musical Journey:

Mahesh Kafle, a name resonating with musical prowess, embarked on a remarkable journey at a tender age. Born into a family of musicians, Mahesh inherited the rhythmic legacy from his well-known Lok singer father, fostering a childhood filled with music and rhymes.

The Comeback and Hat Trick:

The maestro returned to the Nepali music scene with a triumphant comeback, making waves with his first song, “Nacha Firiri.” His childhood hat trick as a singer had already etched his name in the annals of Nepali music history.

Musical Legacy:

Hailing from a lineage of singers, Mahesh Kafle’s early life was steeped in musical training under the guidance of his father and elder brother. His debut as a child singer with the poignant “Sani Maa” left an indelible mark on Nepali audiences.

The Comeback Triumphs:

The resurgence of Mahesh Kafle witnessed an extraordinary trifecta of hit songs, including the soulful melodies of ‘Nacha Firiri,’ ‘Maya Birani,’ and ‘Lajawati Jhar.’ Each composition became a melodic milestone, affirming his musical prowess and the power of a triumphant comeback after a decade in the industry.

Chart-Topping Success:

“Nacha Firiri,” a musical masterpiece, secured its place in Nepali music history. Published on 10/11/2019, the song achieved the pinnacle of success, holding the number 10 position on the Nepali Top 40 Top Chart for 186 weeks. The music video garnered a remarkable 85M total views and 413K likes on YouTube, creating an enduring legacy.


As Mahesh Kafle is honored with the Furli Saptarangi Samman 2023 in the category of Singer, his melodic journey continues to resonate with audiences, inspiring a new symphony of appreciation for his musical legacy.