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 Dona Thapa Magar

 Dona Thapa Magar

Furli Saptarangi Samman 2023 Awardee: Dona Thapa Magar – Sport National Football Player


In the illustrious roster of Furli Saptarangi Samman 2023 recipients, we celebrate Dona Thapa Magar, a beacon of excellence as the awardee for Sport National Football Player.

A Football Luminary:

Dona Thapa Magar, aged 27, stands tall as a Nepali professional footballer, leaving an indelible mark on the field. Renowned for his prowess as a Midfielder, Dona graces both Three Star Club and the Nepali national team with his remarkable skills.

Roots in Saljhandi:

Hailing from Saljhandi in the Rupandehi district, Lumbini province of western Nepal, Dona’s football journey commenced in the very soil where he was born and raised. His early education took place at a private school in Saljhandi, setting the stage for a remarkable athletic career.

A School Football Prodigy:

Dona Thapa Magar’s football odyssey began in the schoolyards, where he passionately played for school teams, showcasing his exceptional talent and dedication to the beautiful game.

Club and National Prowess:

Dona’s commitment to football transcends boundaries. He not only contributes to the success of Three Star Club but also proudly dons the jersey of the Nepali national team, representing the nation on the international stage.

The Saljhandi Connection:

Rooted in the rich footballing soil of Saljhandi, Dona’s journey from the school grounds to national prominence is a testament to his unwavering passion and the support of his community.


As Dona Thapa Magar receives the Sport National Football Player award at Furli Saptarangi Samman 2023, we honor his dedication to the sport that unites nations. His journey is an inspiration, and we eagerly anticipate the continued brilliance he brings to the footballing arena.