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Barsha Basnet

Barsha Basnet

Furli Saptarangi Samman 2023 Awardee: Barsha Basnet – Film Journalist


In the constellation of Furli Saptarangi Samman 2023 awardees, Barsha Basnet shines bright as the recipient of the distinguished accolade for her exemplary contributions as a Film Journalist.

A Maestro in Entertainment Journalism:

Barsha’s journey in entertainment journalism has been nothing short of extraordinary. Her roles as a talk show host, journalist, and the CEO of Cinepati.com underscore her dynamic influence in shaping the narrative of Nepali cinema.

Diverse Roles:

From gracing the screens as a talk show host on Cinepati TV to making waves as a film journalist, Barsha’s ability to connect audiences with filmmakers and journalists stands as a testament to her multifaceted career.

Community Leadership:

Beyond media, Barsha serves as a Master at Nepal Scouts, showcasing her dedication to community service and leadership development.

Radio Waves to Digital Realms:

Her journey includes a stint as a radio presenter at KEEPS FM 98.3 MHz, where her voice resonated across the airwaves, contributing to the rich tapestry of media in Nepal.

Founder of Cinepati.com:

Barsha is the visionary Founder and CEO of Cinepati.com, a platform that redefines entertainment journalism in Nepal. Through this venture, she aims to elevate the standards of reporting, fostering a stronger bond between the audience, filmmakers, and journalists.

Vision for the Future:

In a field often overlooked, Barsha envisions a future where entertainment journalism takes center stage in Nepali media. Her commitment to portraying this profession with integrity aligns seamlessly with the ethos of Furli Saptarangi Samman.


As Barsha Basnet receives the Film Journalist award at Furli Saptarangi Samman 2023, we celebrate her profound impact on the cinematic landscape. We look forward to witnessing the continued brilliance she brings to the world of entertainment journalism.